Mark V


Mark V



Two Birds on branches with beveled glass and decorative gridwork

Mark V Focal inset “Statue” in
entry door window
Two birds in door with sky behind
MARK V FOCAL INSETS:  Let your personality shine through with Mk V Focal Insets! 
These beautiful, ornately detailed stained glass vignettes are works on artisanship which create striking focal points within traditional stained glass window or door settings  Consider how the brilliance of a precious gemstone is enhanced through the proper setting of a ring.  Similarly, the MK V FOCAL INSET creates a striking focal point when offered within a traditionally crafted stained glass window or door setting.

CUSTOM LOOKING VERSATILITY - Available only through Sunsmith Stained Glassworks, the MK V designs contain the beauty of Custom-looking designs while maintaining affordable practicality.  A strong feature of our patented design process is the flexibility it gives our design team to construct unique stained glass vignettes or accent designs catering exclusively to specific niche markets.
birdbirdtwo birdswindowwindowwindow

COST EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION - Our patented process enables us to create elaborate stained glass pieces at a fraction of the cost to construct a similar look employing traditional stained glass techniques.  In some applications, the MK V Designs are superior to traditional techniques when it comes to producing strikingly artistic forms of glass with unmatched detail, vibrancy and versatility.  Arresting in their appeal, MK V designs draw from a nearly endless variety of decorative themes:  Renaissance art, Wildlife, Nautical settings, New England Landscapes or Heritage/patriotic images.   Let Your Personality shine through!

HIGH PRECISION DETAIL - Each vignette is pcm machined for consistent high detail to provide Window to window continuity and reproducibility.

PATENTED PROCESS - From an initial spark of intuition, came a union of traditional materials with modern metalworking processes that became the Mark V Design process, a patented hybrid of traditional stained glass and artistically detailed metalwork in thermally sealed units.  The MK V Design insets are quality crafted, triple pane, decorative stained glass designs.  The glass colors cannot fade, the metals will not rust, and all insets are built to withstand either indoor or outdoor applications.  Another example of “Traditional Quality – Cutting Edge Technology”

LICENSING AND DISTRIBUTION INFORMATION - We welcome inquiries from interested OEM’s and Distributors.  We believe the MK V Designs hold self-evident potential for a strong, lasting impact on the decorative glass market.  We are currently seeking companies with the foresight to enhance and expand their markets via production rights to the process.  Combining the beauty and versatility in design together with patented techniques, the MK V designs offer a sustainable competitive advantage in the ability to target and reach specific local and or national markets.  To view actual samples and discuss licensing or distribution, Please call our office at 586-336-1985 or email to